Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur ‘disappointed’ by Portman Group ruling it appeals to children

The Portman Group, an oversight body for drinks producers in the UK, has strongly advised online retailer Firebox to modify its labelling of its Unicorn Tears gin liqueurs range.

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur, Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur and Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur Miniature were all cited as appealing to children.

Specifically, the Group’s Complaint Panel condemned the product’s packaging for appealing to under-18s. The complaint initially arose because a member of the public argued that the illustration of a unicorn on the bottle would appeal to children.

The Wine & Spirits Trade Associations (WSTA) also voiced similar concerns regarding the range.

Defending the backlash, Kristian Bromley, managing director of Firebox, said: “Although we were disappointed with the Portman Group decision, it’s also perfect timing as we were already changing the direction of our Unicorn Tears Gin and Mythical Spirits range, so this just accelerates our exciting plans.”

“Since launching in 2015, we’ve inadvertently created an entire industry niche in gin liqueurs (and in particular shimmering drinks) but inevitably this success has led to a slew of naff copycats and awful tasting 20% ABV novelty liqueurs,” Bromley added.

Unicorn Tears Gin will be re-launching in the summer of 2019 with a fresh new look and refined recipe.

“Firebox is a creative, disruptive brand bursting with ideas and Mythical Spirits will continue to bring that spirit to the alcohol industry. We’re leaders, not followers. We won’t stand still,” said Bromely.

“We’re more than happy to work with The Portman Group on the relaunch.”

In March 2019, a complaint concerning two other Firefox products – Pixie Tears Gin and Flamingo Tears Gin – was not upheld by The Portman Group. It was alleged that the packaging appealed to under-18s.

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