Lanchester Wines’ sister company is developing a canned wine production line

A major UK bottling operation has invested in the distribution of canned wines.

Greencroft Bottling, a sister company to Lanchester Wines, is in the process of finishing construction of a large canning line, due to become operation in summer 2019.

Their investment forms part of Greencroft’s ambitious expansion plans, which will see production boosted from 100 million litres in 2018 to a capacity of between 3-400 million litres by early 2020.

“Through our new canning line, we’re providing our customers with a packaging option which not only ticks box for being on trend, but is both environmentally ethical and practical within modern lifestyles,” said Trevor Lloyd, Director of Planning and Procurement at Greencroft Bottling.

“We will initially focus on 200ml and 250ml slimline can formats. The line will initially be installed in our present Greencroft Bottling facility and moved to our new Greencroft Two development once building work is completed in 2020,” he added.

Although the canning line won’t be operation until the summer, Greencroft is already working on projects with customers importing wine from across the globe with wines ranging from Sauvignon Blanc through to White Zinfandel.

“Effectively, any business or any wine which can ship in bulk,” said Lloyd.

Mark Roberts, Lanchester Wines’ Director of Sales, said that businesses must adapt to changing consumer preferences or risk becoming irrelevant.

“The wine bottle dates back to 4100BC so, as with all products, an evolution is inevitable. Our lifestyles have evolved so much that I firmly believe a review and update of format is essential for the ongoing success of wine,” said Roberts.

“Canned wine is the fastest growing of these new formats – at a rate of approximately 6% year on year in Western Europe, according to Euromonitor. It’s an uncomplicated packaging solution which resonates across all age groups and lifestyle choices – the environmentally conscious millennial through to Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers seeking both convenience and variety.”

In May 2019, Waitrose will begin selling the first Mirabeau premium rose packaged in a 250ml can – “Pret a Porter, Rose to go!”

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