Totes amaze: Double pour wine handbag launched

A handbag made from ‘vegan’ Tuscan leather that can store and pour two different bottles of wine from an insulated pocket has gone on sale for US$89.95.

Dubbed ‘PortoVino’, the tote comes in two shades: Chardonnay (tan) and Merlot (maroon), and would make an ideal gift for the indecisive wine lover in your life.

The bag features two removable pouches in a secret insulated zippered pocket capable of holding a pair of 75cl bottles of wine.

In 2012, Cantina di Soave launched a line of boxed wine from the Veneto fashioned to look like handbags with a concealed side tap

According to its makers, the bag, which has braided handles and a soft cotton interior lining, was designed with concerts, picnics and the beach mind.

Currently on sale on Amazon and via PortoVino website, the handbag is sold with two reusable wine bladders, which its makers refer to as ‘party pouches’.

In addition to wine, the pouches can be filled with beer, spirits, water and soft drinks. The insulated pocket allegedly keeps the drinks chilled “for hours”.

For those keen to be discreet while drinking on the go, a flap at the back of the handbag hides the spouts. There’s enough spare room in the tote to house handbag essentials like wallets, phones and books.

This isn’t the first wine handbag on the market. The trend began back in 2012 with the launch of a trio of on-the-go boxed wines shaped like designer handbags.

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