Nine things you should know before studying WSET Level 3

Last year, I joined the drinks business as a reporter.

Like most people, I more or less fell into the drinks industry. To extend the metaphor, I landed on my feet and hit the ground running by enrolling in the WSET’s Level 2 course, which I passed with flying colours.

The Level 2 is great for anyone who wants to learn more about wine, but recruiters in the alcohol sector often need you to have more knowledge than that. Some employers require at least a Diploma before they even look at the rest of your your CV.

In the interests of a thorough review, feeling confident at tastings, and working towards the shiny WSET L4,  I enrolled in the wine-focused Level 3 in February this year.

What followed was six months of existential doubt, night terrors (no, really), and an eye twitch I still need to get checked out. Other than that, it was great.

If you’re about to embark on your own course, take a look at the few things I wish I’d known before I started, and you may well do better than me.

Note: This course was funded in part by the drinks business and by the WSET.

3 Responses to “Nine things you should know before studying WSET Level 3”

  1. Simon Heape says:

    A great piece with a lot of fact and fun in it but one thing I’d disagree with is things over and above the L3 materials, I found they were exceptionally good (and a bloody sight better than the L4 materials I’m having to use now, don’t get me started!). That said we had an excellent educator in the form of Greg Roberts @ Direct Wines (Laithwaite’s) in Theale and he set homework at the end of every weekly session for handing back and marking the following week, we also had a mock exam a few weeks before the real one. I did set up extensive flash cards on Brainscape and my son, who is a graphic designer, kindly edited all the maps to delete the place names, just leaving the arrows, to test myself.
    L3 was a great experience and I gained good knowledge in a fun way. The step up from L2 to L3 is big, the step from L3 to L4 is HUGE, it is totally stretching me but, then, that’s what it’s meant to do and I’m enjoying the challenge, 2 exams done and dusted, just the four more to go! 😀

  2. Patti says:

    Thanks for the details, and scaring me to death. Haha, good luck to all. Taking level 2 exam next week.
    Hope to get a full nights rest after,
    Cheers all

  3. Ana says:

    Hey Edith! Thank you for this article. I am doing my level 3 now with Mel, as well. How was the exam? Did you pass? 🙂 I am quite nervous about the exam and yes, I completley agree with everything that you said!


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