Survey reveals the formula for a ‘perfect pint’ of beer

A study commissioned by St Austell Brewery has revealed the key components of the perfect pint such as having a 9mm head, being drunk at 5:30pm on a Saturday, and accompanied by a packet of crisps.

St Austell, who funded the study to mark this year’s Cask Ale Week (20 to 30 September), wanted to uncover what beer drinkers think is key to the perfect pint.

Among the survey’s findings is that the ‘perfect pint’ is consumed in a country pub with your other half.

65% of those surveyed said that the food accompanying the beer was crucial to its enjoyment. Among the favoured dishes or snacks to accompany a pint were crisps, curry, a burger and peanuts.

More worryingly for the industry, 23% of respondents said they rarely drink a faultless pint, with 32% complaining that the serving temperature is always incorrect and 38% stating that the experience is often spoilt by dirty glassware.

Other industry moans include 22% believing it has become harder to find a good pint in the last 10 years, 40% considering beer is too expensive and 26% complaining about a poor selection of beer in pubs and bars.

A spokesman for St Austell’s Proper Job brand said: “With our research, we wanted to shine a light on what makes a perfect, proper pint.

“At Proper Job we believe that everything should be proper, and for Cask Ale Week we wanted to find out what British beer aficionados say makes a proper pint. Our research reveals that there are many important factors, ranging from who you’re drinking it with, where you’re drinking it and at what time of the day.

“Taste is key for the majority of beer lovers, and what you eat with your beer is also really important. We hope this study will help Brits enjoy a proper pint during Cask Ale Week”.

Staff at the pub were also found to be important to drinkers, with 43% of respondents wanting to be on friendly terms with those behind the bar, and 16% wanting to drink somewhere where everyone knows your name.

When asked to describe the characteristics of a perfect pint, 62% said that taste was essential, with 48% stating that it should be affordable.

44% said the correct service temperature was vital, while 38% of those surveyed said the beer should be served in a ‘proper pint glass’.

Other factors deemed essential for a ‘perfect pint’ include: The right company (38%); the right head (26%); the right time (25%); drinking it in your local (20%); drinking a British beer (20%); having nothing on your mind (16%) and having the right view (9%). 

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