Trend Spotting: 10 alcohol trends in UK retail to watch in 2018/19

2. Ethical wines

One stand-out feature of the wine trade this year has been the raised profile of organic, natural, biodynamic and vegan wines in supermarkets and wholesalers such as Majestic Wine. The Co-op stepped up its vegan wine offering at the start of the year. The supermarket has worked with winemakers around the globe to develop a range of vegan-friendly fining agents used to filter wines and improve the clarity of the final drop, providing an alternative to traditional additives such as egg white or isinglass, which is derived from fish.

“We’re definitely seeing more people ask us about vegan wines,” Esther Pinuaga, head winemaker at Spanish producer Bodegas Pinuaga, says. The reality is that many wines are already vegan, but the rising interest in vegan food has led producers and retailers to use this as a sales tool. Last October Majestic Wine added vegan and vegetarian symbols to its wine labels and on its website, and now boasts 32 vegan-friendly bottles in its portfolio.

Organic wine is also expected to see further growth. These expressions only represent 2.2% of the British wine market, according to a study published at French trade show Millésime Bio, but the category could rise by more than 14% this year. Sales of eco-friendly vino are also up by 36% year-on-year at Waitrose. Pinuaga says the regulations for organic wine in the EU will be updated in the next few years. Asked whether she thinks sales of low-intervention wine in the UK will be affected by Brexit, she says it depends on the trade deal the UK ends up with.

“I hope they aren’t, anyway,” she adds.

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  1. Andy says:

    Great to see Fifth Spire get a mention from LICHFIELD, not sure the LITCHFIELD village in Hampshire has much to do with it though?!

  2. Will says:

    Just Crisps & Just Oil another business near lichfield producing 100% uk crisps and rape seed oil. Tasty.

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