Angler calls beer fine ‘un-Australian’

An Australian man enjoying a beer while he fished for octopus earlier this month fell foul of the country’s public drinking laws and was slapped with a AU$200 fine – a punishment he described as ‘un-Australian”.

Doug Vickery, an electrician from Western Australia, called the fine ‘un-Australian’ and has referred his case to the state’s police minister who has proved sympathetic to his plight.

Vickery was down at Perth’s marina on a Friday afternoon earlier this month fishing for octopus with a beer after work when he was approached by two policemen.

Apparently alerted to reports of a man drink driving in the area the officers breathalysed Vickery and checked his licence.

By the time the police arrived, Vickery had finished the beer and put the bottle in his pocket.

He explained: “I had nothing on my person, no bag, no esky, just my one beer bottle in my pocket and my occy stick and gaff.”

Having passed the breathalyser test the police then informed him he was being fined AU$200 for having an open container of alcohol in public.

Vickery later told local news channel 9News: “I didn’t know it was illegal to have a beer while fishing, it’s a joke really, it’s un-Australian if anything.”

The police minister, Michelle Robert, has remarked that the penalty was excessive, “I’m sure he’s not the only person fishing off the beach or rocks who has ever had a beer,” and said she would raise the matter with the commissioner.

Vickery’s lawyer added he was sure “common sense” would prevail when the fine was appealed.

Angry as he was at the fine Vickery did conclude: “On a lighter note, I did catch an octopus.”

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  1. JM says:

    Bloke in question is a naive Geordie, recently emigrated to Perth who didn’t realise that the nanny state agenda is about as 21st Century Australian as you can get- it’s not the 1980s anymore. He’s lucky he got done in Perth rather than Sydney- the police over there are even more militant….

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