This is what the drinks industry is saying about Scotland’s minimum unit pricing

Adam Lechmere, general manager of the International Wine and Spirit competition (IWSC), welcomed the decision to penalise drinks firms which produce “powerful cheap ciders and other horrible concoctions that are so obviously designed to get you drunk as quickly, cheaply and effectively as possible.”

“With Scots dying from alcohol-related diseases disproportionately to the rest of the UK, anything which addresses the misery that alcohol causes is a good thing . Alcoholic drinks can be life-affirming or life-destroying, and cheap potent booze is almost always the latter.”

Lechmere said that the legislation “is a start”, but also called on ministers to make preventative measures and alcohol education programmes a priority to tackle the “underlying causes of problem drinking.”

“The IWSC welcomes any measure that encourages people to drink better, whether it’s wine, whisky, gin, beer or cider.”

“As long as Scotland stands by its commitment to run preventive and alcohol education programmes alongside the minimum alcohol legislation, then it should be welcomed.

“If the government loses focus and thinks upping the price of strong cider will solve the nation’s alcohol ills, it will be a failure.”

2 Responses to “This is what the drinks industry is saying about Scotland’s minimum unit pricing”

  1. S Duffy says:

    Governments never know when to stop when trying to achieve their Agenda. So with the reductions in the speed limit (why stop at 20mph when the only safe limit is 0 mph), the same is likely to happen with minimum pricing (why stop at 50p/unit when £10/unit would achieve the Agenda more effectively). This has the potential to echo American Prohibition where no alcohol could be legally sold between 1920 and 1933.

    • Andy Bray says:

      When The prohibition era in the USA was enacted, people drank even more. Fed up of the nanny state and ridiculously highly so called sin taxes. It doesn’t work. Low duties (and some relaxed rules) might slow down/reduce alcoholism like over half of mainland Europe

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