Charcoal wine ‘the future’ says Armit futurologist

The rise of new fruit wines and flavour profiles

“In order to produce local wine in non-grape growing regions, seasonal fruits such as damson, greengage, and Mirabelle plums along with nostalgic flavours like rose and violet, will come into play in Europe. Further afield, the complex flavours of the horned melon or African cucumber, will also lend itself to an indigenous New Zealand wine portfolio.

“On the whole, flavour profiles will become increasingly bitter, floral or earthy with black pigmented foods (and we thought red wine stains were tricky) such as black sesame and charcoal coming to the forefront.”

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  1. Wonderful! I agree that we will be drinking more domestic wines: climate change will mean that transport costs will be prohibitive and that there will be more countries capable of producing wine as our classic regions will have to deal with crop diversification. I also see that irrigation will be rendered illegal, not only in Europe as per tradition, but also globally, as freshwater supplies disappear. Dry farming legislation will be the norm everywhere, not just Europe, which will create a level playing field and will mean fewer wines, but better wines and healthier soils.

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