Charcoal wine ‘the future’ says Armit futurologist

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“The nation’s drinking habits will continue to change. Brits will drink less alcohol but enjoy better-quality products that are produced locally. Also, rather than drinking alone to unwind, cultural drinking habits will be dictated by a growing ‘sharing society’, one which puts more focus on collaborative cooking, food growing and communal dining; creating multiple meal times and occasions to share.

“This catalytic change and a flourishing eating out market, brings with it many more socially-acceptable opportunities throughout the day to the imbibe a quality glass of wine in the company of friends and family (hurrah!).”

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  1. Wonderful! I agree that we will be drinking more domestic wines: climate change will mean that transport costs will be prohibitive and that there will be more countries capable of producing wine as our classic regions will have to deal with crop diversification. I also see that irrigation will be rendered illegal, not only in Europe as per tradition, but also globally, as freshwater supplies disappear. Dry farming legislation will be the norm everywhere, not just Europe, which will create a level playing field and will mean fewer wines, but better wines and healthier soils.

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