Whisky certification course launched in Hong Kong

WhiskyU, a newly founded whisky learning centre in Hong Kong, has launched what it calls “the first professional whisky certification course in Asia” in association with the University of Highlands and Islands Moray College.

The course will teach students about the history, production (from barley to bottle) and economic importance of the Scotch whisky industry as well as non‐Scotch whiskies.

Founded by Carmen Tam, Yvonne Wang, and Haigan Wong, WhiskyU’s course will cover all types of whisky from around the world, in addition to inviting notable speakers from the whisky industry for course lecturing.

The course will cover whisky production, and guide students through tastings of different styles of whiskies from all major regions to discover “all the different nuances that come from Scotch and non-Scotch whisky,” according to WhiskyU.

The certification course for whisky lovers will offer three timetables. Students can choose to compete the course over nine weeks, or four or two days depending on their schedules.

The learning centre will also offer focused workshops such as a comparative study of Japanese whisky and Scotch whisky, maturation of whisky, effects of cask as well as an introduction to peated whisky.

Based in Elgin, Moray College is one of the 13 colleges under the Universities of Highlands and Islands. It provides a wide range of courses, from Management to Fine Art, Computing to Environment And Heritage, Rural Development to Complementary Therapies.

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