Vodka label Tovaritch wins 100th medal

Tovaritch has been awarded its 100th medal by the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago, securing the title of the world’s single most-awarded vodka bottle.

The brand, which is currently the third best-selling Russian vodka in the UK’s On-trade behind Zelenaya Marka and Russian Standard, picked up its century on 3 April after collecting accolades at a number of global tastings, including the Beverage Testing Institute, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Tovaritch has also picked up five Consistence in Excellence medals from The Spirits Business’ annual awards.

Eugenio Litta Modignani, chief executive of Tovaritch Spirits International, said that any single-label vodka picking up 100 awards is “an impressive feat.

“There are other vodkas in the market that  may have as many or more awards but they are spread out over their many varieties. With
Tovaritch!, it’s one and only variety, and it’s the winner. Hitting the 100 awards mark in the  spirits business is not unlike climbing Everest. It’s a goal unattainable for most but those who  make it join the winners’ club. What’s more important is that standing on the top of the  mountain they get to see new horizons – and others peaks to be conquered.

“Within two weeks  of our 100th award, we earned yet another – 101th – from the San Francisco World Spirits  Competition. It’s fair to say that we are on our way to our next peak.”

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