Belgian bar demands ‘shoe deposit’ to stop tourists stealing beer glasses

16th March, 2018 by Phoebe French

Two Belgian bars that have been losing thousands of beer glasses each year have taken matters into their own hands, installing a €4,000 security system and asking for customer’s shoes as a deposit.

As reported by Nieuwsblad, some bars in Belgium are going the extra mile to prevent customers from swiping their glasses.

At the Beer Wall in Bruges, landlord Philip Maes told the new site that his establishment loses “at least 4,000 [glasses] each year”.

“The tourists especially like to walk with them,” he added. “For some reason, the customers think that when they pay for something to drink, they get the glass as a present”.

As such, Maes has installed a €4,000 alarm system with a scanner at the door.

Another beer bar, this time in….

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