London’s 10 most expensive dishes

8: Wagyu rib eye at Cut at 45 Park Lane – £150

Another meat mecca shining a light on beguiling beef is Wolfgang Puck’s Cut at 45 Park Lane where you’ll find Australian wagyu served sashimi style and weaved into a salad alongside spicy radishes and Greek cress.

The most expensive cut on Puck’s menu is his £150 8oz Japanese wagyu rib eye hailing from the country’s Kyushu prefecture. These cows live the life of Riley, enjoying saké massages and lashings of beer – no wonder they taste so good.

Like kobe beef, wagyu has a high marble content and a melt-in-the-mouth texture. The fat in the meat melts away when cooked, adding its richness.

“Eating a kobe or a wagyu steak is an experience. It’s similar to caviar and truffles – you don’t gorge on it, you just eat a small amount,” Puck says, describing the silky texture of Kobe as similar to foie gras and the pleasure derived from eating it equal to sex.

Perhaps that’s how he asks his staff to sell it, as 20% of the steaks sold at Cut are kobe despite their eye-watering price tags.

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