London’s 10 most expensive dishes

9: Kobe beef steak at M Threadneedle Street – £149

Kobe beef is the Krug of the meat world. It hails from the Tajima strain of Japanese Black cattle that are fed on grain and roam in the country’s Hyogo prefecture. The beauty of the beef comes from its high level of marbling, which results in a silky, melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Kobe beef is a registered trademark in Japan and in order to qualify, breeders have to follow a strict set of rules. It was first exported outside of Japan as recently as 2012. To celebrate its arrival in the UK, restaurateur Martin Williams was the first in Europe to list Kobe on his menu. He sells the grade 10+ steaks at £1 per gram, the most expensive coming in at £149.

Just seven restaurants in the UK sell certified kobe beef – M, Kai Mayfair, Mash, Sushi Samba, Engawa, Matsuri and Tokyo Sukiyaki Tei.

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