London’s 10 most expensive dishes

2: The Glamburger at Honky Tonk – £1,100

One of the crassest food-related publicity stunts came in 2014 when American diner Honky Tonk in Chelsea, best known for its Bourbon and burgers, launched the ‘Glamburger’ boasting a £1,100 price tag.

The pricey patty, nestled in a brioche bun covered in gold leaf, featured 220g of kobe beef, New Zealand venison, Canadian lobster and truffle brie.

Created by head chef at the time Chris Large (great surname for a chef), other luxurious ingredients include Iranian saffron, Beluga caviar and a hickory-smoked duck egg drenched in gold leaf.

Large described his 2,618 calorie creation as a ‘masterpiece’. We’re not sure how it tasted, but given the amount of press coverage it garnered, the Glamburger certainly proved to be marketing gold.

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