CAMRA moves to expand remit to cider and perry

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has proposed changes that would see its remit expand to include cider and perry for the first time and its focus shift “beyond traditional pubs”, ahead of a revamp of the organisation’s priorities in April.

CAMRA wants to take cider and perry under its wing

If approved by members, changes proposed under the CAMRA’s Revitalisation Project will see the organisation continue to advocate that “real ale is the pinnacle of the brewer’s craft”, but hopes that a wider focus will mean all drinkers who enjoy a range of beers, ciders and perries will feel welcome in the organisation.

The changes will give cider and perry a greater standing within the organisation, benefitting from its nationwide reach and commitment to the education of consumers.

Members are also being asked if the organisation should make changes to the range of types of beer that it represents, including those which do not currently meet the organisation’s definition of “real ale” in a bid to “engage with all beer drinkers and with all pub-goers, irrespective of what they choose to drink, increasing its ability to campaign in the interests of a much larger constituency.”

While the organisation will continue to campaign for the preservation of the traditional British pub, CAMRA also wants to get more involved in other on-trade outlets, encouraging the sale of quality beer, cider and perry beyond the pub.

CAMRA argues argue that a “wider appeal and closer connection with the current revolution in beer and bars will enable the organisation to connect with modern-day beer drinkers and pub goers”, which will in turn strengthen its voice within the government and among industry decision-makers.

“It’s always been important that our members have had a say throughout this review process and we’re now at the point where we’ll be giving all our members the chance to vote on the final Revitalisation Project recommendations,” said CAMRA chairman Colin Valentine.

“The vote will be held at our Annual General Meeting, in Coventry in April. In the months between now and then we’ll be making sure members can access the full details of the changes we’re recommending, along with the analysis of the impacts and potential opportunities the changes will have,” adding: “Our recommendations mark an important stage in CAMRA’s long history. We recognise that the beer and pub landscape has changed and continues to evolve, and our place in that landscape has changed as well. We’re determined to make sure that we continue to change and evolve so that we are relevant to drinkers of all types and continue to offer a compelling reason for people to join our organisation.”

All members who attend Members’ Weekend in April 2018 will be able to vote on the changes, with those not in attendance able to vote by proxy ahead of the meeting, with the changes requiring a 75% vote in favour to pass.

For more information on the proposed changes click here.

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