Top 10 drinks books for Christmas 2017

Wine List Confidential

And finally, why not try something a little different, from the drinks business itself. This year we published the first Wine List Confidential – a guide to the very best restaurants in London for wine lovers.

Wine List Confidential is a unique, transparent and straightforward way to connect wine lovers with restaurants. Using a numeric rating system, Wine List Confidential allows wine lovers to quickly compare the wine offer in restaurants, no matter what the food or format. Employing a simple 100-point scale, it scores restaurants on all aspects of their wine offering – from pricing and service, to its size, range and originality – which is then used to give each restaurant reviewed an overall score.
Restaurants featured in our one to sixty-one guide represent the very best wine lists in London, those that scored highly across the board.

Inside you will find reviews on all restaurants that made the cut, expert wine picks from their list, insider tips, interviews with the city’s top sommeliers and analysis on London’s fine dining scene. A perfect stocking filler.

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