12 things you will only know if you’ve worked in a wine shop

6th December, 2017 by Edith Hancock

Ever wondered what it’s really like working with the public when you’re a budding oenophile?

Whether you did a stint at Majestic for a summer job during your student days, or you’re busy running your own business, every wine merchant staffer shares the same experiences during their time on the shop floor.

We asked veterans of wine shops big and small to reveal their own secrets of the trade.

From triggering record-breaking hangovers to keeping tricky customers sweet, here are 11 things that resonate with anyone who has spent their days selling wine to the masses.


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One Response to “12 things you will only know if you’ve worked in a wine shop”

  1. Mike says:

    I worked at a cellar door in Eden Valley Australia once, and all I can say is watch out for brown snakes coming in the door in Spring.

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