Top new products: November

Vinolok Premium

Glass-closures specialist Vinolok has launched a premium range of stoppers, Vinolok Premium, allowing for greater customisation and melding of materials.

The new closure allows producers to combine the Vinolok closure with various materials to create a more premium, bespoke stopper top. The Vinolok Premium stopper created for Conqueror Cognac, for example, features a large glass octagon funnel on top of the glass closure. The shape and the colour of the Vinolok Conqueror closure is customisable to fit the bottle shape and packaging design.

“Vinolok Premium can be moulded into virtually any shape for a unique profile, to reinforce a brand image or build shelf distinction,” says Vinolok. “This closure allows various materials to be combined with the singular properties of the glass closure.”

RRP: various.

CONTACT Vinolok, +420 488 111 756

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