Top new products: November

Bottega vermouth

Italian drinks group Bottega, known for its Prosecco, has moved into the vermouth category with the launch of a Bianco and Rosso expression.

According to the producer, its new vermouths stand out for their use of regional grape varieties, since most vermouths use neutral grape spirit. Vermouth Bianco Bottega uses Pinot Grigio, while Vermouth Rosso Bottega is made with Merlot. Both products contain more than 30 herbs, flowers and spices.

Vermouth Bianco Bottega’s botanical list includes: elderflower, Roman absinthe, cinnamon, nutmeg, greater galangal and bitter orange zest. Vermouth Rosso Bottega contains ingredients such as angelica, bitter and sweet orange zest, absinthe, basil leaves, coriander seeds, marjoram, oregano, clary and radicchio. The vermouths were unveiled at the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes last month, and will be available in Bottega’s global markets.

RRP: to be confirmed.

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