Aussie winemaker releases ‘F*** Him’ Trump wine

An Australian winery has produced a 2016 Chardonnay called F*** Him to voice its opposition to US President Trump and promote acceptance of different races, genders, sexualities and religions.

Winemaker Nic Peterkin, of L.A.S Vino in Margaret River, called its 2016 Chardonnay F*** Him “one of the best wines we’ve made”, speaking to Perth’s Broadsheet, as well as one of the most politically charged.

Intended to make a political point, while attempting to bring the world together, the wine is made from “vines imported from France under Israeli irrigation, tended to by an Italian tractor, with grapes picked by a group of Irish, Germans, Estonians, and Koreans under the supervision of a South African,” says the producer’s Facebook page. 

The label itself features the a side-on profile, shaped by the names of countries and bears a striking resemblance to the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Continuing its description of the wine, L.A.S Vino adds: “We pressed the grapes using a Swiss press, and a Mexican winemaker and Dutch girl transferred the wine into French oak. It was then sealed with a cork from Portugal, with wax from the Czech Republic. The wine was bottled with the help of a lesbian, and put into boxes made in Indonesia.”

It continues to point out that its message on Facebook was written using a program downloaded from India, with a designed in the USA, proofread by an Eurasian Australian woman in New York and exported to Singapore Tokyo and the UK, drank by those from all countries, ethnicities, sexes, sexualities and religions.

“It wasn’t really about Trump himself, but what he stood for,” says Peterkin. “Wine is such an international product. You couldn’t have a good bottle of wine without all these different components. As soon as you read the label, you’ll know the wine is about being inclusive and incorporating the whole world. Wine brings people together regardless of their background.”

L.A.S Vino, which stands for luck, art science, is a micro winery founded in 2013.

F*** Him is $55 per bottle with a limited amount available direct from the winery.

12 Responses to “Aussie winemaker releases ‘F*** Him’ Trump wine”

  1. Anon says:

    When they go low they just keep going lower, pretty disgusting really. Hate sells.

  2. Ed Chisolm says:

    Obviously you are not a brilliant marketer since you insulted half the voting population of the United States and assaulted the values of perhaps half the world. Your choice of words is inappropriate for a wine label. Remember children see labels. Mommy what does F*** Him Trump wine mean? You should be ashamed of yourselves and your self serving overpriced wine. You have sunk to new lows and hopefully the BATF will ban the importation of your wine based on, wait for it, “Bad Taste”. I have 38 years experience in the wine industry in the U.S. and had the largest wine retailer in the world as my customer. Shame on you. Interestingly enough, the posting guidlines of the web site prohibts the use of swear words so the name of your wine could not be used.

  3. Pete Andrews says:

    Have the Aussies sunk to a new low????? Any publicity is good publicity???? A very, very, very STUPID marketing ploy! Yes, you have just insulted half of the American voters and they are saying to you what you are saying to us….F*** YOU AUI! I dare a US distributor to handle this brand! Theyu do NOT want to get involved with politics…especially from a**holes on the other side of the world telling the US what they think of the President!

  4. Joe Biden says:

    I will boycott this winery and never sell or handle its products. Silly move for a winery to put US politics on its products.

    • Mark Skinner says:

      It’s a small winery. It can be boycotted by every single Republican on the planet, then 99% of Democrats, and still sell every last bottle for a handsome profit. This is a classic case of “All publicity is good publicity.”

  5. G13Man says:

    Joe Biden
    go ahead and sell it , [ @ triple its price ]

  6. dee says:

    Stick your politics to where your head is…down under.

  7. Blake Jordan says:

    I love it! Of course I do not agree with the name, but sure do love the concept of showing how many different folks it takes to make the wine as well as how diverse all the people are that come together to craft the product.

  8. Napawineboy says:

    I’m not a Trump supporter or defender….I’m simply shocked at how many self appointed moral and politically correct judgement passers like Peterkin are expressing themselves through hatred and intolerance. I can only believe that these people believe that their brand of angry, tasteless expression and bigotry is perfectly acceptable while their targets is not. That is an odd way to express an opposing view. Count me as one more person; and there are so very many of us, who reject your offensive viewpoints and we choose to participate in the worlds discussions in a more civil way. Trump does seem to make his own mistakes in expressing himself but all you have done is to reveal to us that you are an individual filled with hatred and intolerance. Good luck with your wine business.

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