This is how to say “cheers!” around the world


Where: Norway, Sweden, and Denmark

Pronounced: Skol [skɒːl]

If you’re looking for toasts with a unique history, head to the Scandinavian territories. “Skål“, which is used widely across Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, actually means “bowl” and harks back to the days when those gathered around the dinner table would drink from the same vessel. It is worth noting, however, that the Finnish prefer to say “kippis“, which comes from the German expression “die Gläser kippen“, or “knock back the glasses.”

In Denmark, you can also use the phrase “Bunden i vejret eller rester i håret“, which translates to “bottoms up, or the rest in your hair.”

6 Responses to “This is how to say “cheers!” around the world”

  1. Jorge Nunes says:

    Actually, the Portuguese way of saying is not “Salood”, like the Spanish – we say “Saúde”, pronounced more like [sa.ud] – same meaning (Health), but different!!

  2. Angeliki Tsioli says:

    Yia mas in Greek, which means to our health
    Egészségére in Hungarian

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  5. sandy jiil says:

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  6. Connor McDougal says:

    You have Welsh but not Gaelic? C’mon..
    Sláinte! (S-launch-uh).. to your good health!

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