Champagne Masters 2017: the results in full

Judges comments

Judges Antony Moss MW (left) and Anthony Foster MW

Antony Moss MW

“The wines were generally as expected; meeting the high expectations I have of this region. I didn’t find myself having to make any major revisions to what previously knew!

…. The tasting reinforced my view that there are dramatic improvements in quality as you spend more. As we worked through increasing price bands, there were clear steps up in quality, and the vintage wines showed especially well.

The big volume brands also, generally, showed well.

I also liked the Blanc de Blancs –were generally rounder and richer than some of my previous experiences, but still with tension and focus.”

Anthony Foster MW

“This was a fascinating tasting that exemplified the quality differences between basic non-vintage, prestige and vintage to a much greater extent than in previous years.

What struck me was at the lower end the wines were well defined and very much ‘Champagne’; while at the top end there was true elegance and quality. I loved the Piper Heidsieck 2008, Delamotte 2007 and the Amour de Deutz 2007 and I was surprised by the quality of the Pommery Brut Royal NV.”

3 Responses to “Champagne Masters 2017: the results in full”

  1. Rebekah Richardson says:

    You may wish to get some women on the tasting panel? Help make sure that the consumer demographic is also being represented. 50/50.

  2. Alex says:

    What are the actual scores given to all the different Champagnes?

  3. Rory says:

    Interesting level of diversity in the judging panel…

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