What lies ahead for the UK drinks industry?

Alexandre Balland, UK & Northern Europe export marketing manager, Côtes du Rhône

“With the exchange-rate fluctuations and the tax increase, the price rise might have more of an effect on the premium wine category as buyers turn to lower-cost alternatives. The market and brands will look to offer a more personalised approach to their consumers to encourage loyalty. We think that convenience retailing will increasingly gain importance.”

“[The trading environment]  hasn’t caused us to change our approach as we have always aimed to create long term partnerships with customers and consumers. We are still strengthening these while building new ones with both the on- and off-trade.

“We have been absent [from the LWF] for the past eight years, but the UK remains the Rhône’s first export market by volume and we wanted to display our confidence and commitment. Despite recent economic and geo-political developments, we continue to invest and support the UK. And we are launching a new, fresh image for the Rhône, which is in line with our UK strategy of premiumisation and we wanted to take this opportunity to display it to the trade.”


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