Six under-appreciated grape varieties

Timorasso, Piedmont, Italy

Don’t be surprised if you never heard about this grape variety given that Italy has 377 different types of indigenous grapes and even wine authority Hugh Johnson hadn’t heard of this variety before it was introduced to him by Jancis Robison MW.

The grape owes its existence to the Vigneti Massa winery on the southeast corner of Piedmont. Walter Massa, who is credited for rescuing the grape, described the variety as “a pain in the neck” due to its relatively low yield, one reason why the grape almost became extinct because growers were fed up with its low production.

Good quality Timorasso needs three or five years to integrate the high acid it delivers, a long period of time that has discouraged some local farmers from growing this grape. Nonetheless, planting of the variety has grown from less than one hectare to 60 hectares in Piedmont and there are 25 producers in the region making this wine.

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  2. Linden Wilkie says:

    Who organised the masterclass?

  3. Georgia has over 500 grape varietys.. just saying..

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