Canada recalls 77% abv Bombay Sapphire Gin

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has recalled a batch of Bombay Sapphire gin after its alcohol content was found to be almost twice the level advertised on the bottle.

A recall notice of the gin, distributed by Bermuda-based drinks producer Bacardi, was issued by Canadian authorities on Wednesday after inspectors found its abv to be 77%.

Ontario’s Liquor Control Board was the first to report the latest incident, asking consumers to return bottles of Bombay Sapphire brand London Dry Gin “due to high alcohol content.”

“This recall was initiated after the discovery that, during production, one batch was bottled before correct dilution to achieve the stated 40% alcohol content by volume,” it said. “As a result, the affected batch has alcohol content by volume of 77%.”

Bacardi has already said that the affected batch is believed to have been sold only in Canada.

Four other Canadian provinces have since followed suit and issued recall notices, warning Canadians not to consume the gin.


The batch affected include 1.14 litres bottles London Dry Bombay Sapphire gin, bottle code L16304 W, batch number 6 20213 19020 8.

There have been no reported illnesses associated with the consumption of this product, said the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

2 Responses to “Canada recalls 77% abv Bombay Sapphire Gin”

  1. Obi Orakwue says:

    Why do we have 47% abv imported to Nigeria? I have a bottle with batch #5-010677-715003 before me. I am concerned by the abv variation s.

  2. Aaron Kapp says:

    I will definitely pay DOUBLE if someone could please procure one of these bottles for me, lol!!! Is this actually a recall or a very very cleverly delivered advertisement?! I mean good luck getting ANYONE to return one of these undiluted bottles – sounds like a collector’s item to me. Willing to bet every bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin in Canada sells out now nearly overnight. What an amazing publicity stunt!

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