Top 10 Bordeaux export markets in 2016

3. US

Position by volume: 3rd
Position by value: 3rd
Exports by volume: 189,000hl (+6%)
Exports by value: €196m (-3%)

“In the past,” notes the CIVB, “Bordeaux exports to the US have been marked by the success of certain vintages.”

Since 2010 however, despite a much publicised absence from the high profile world of en primeur, volume exports to the US have been growing steadily.

The market is also slewed to slightly higher value price brackets than others such as China. Only 6% of volumes exported to the US cost less than €3 per litre ex-cellar but 22% cost more than €9/l. The strongest bracket is €4.5-€9/l which constitutes 38% of exports.

The US is also the biggest market for white Bordeaux, importing 4m bottles in 2016.

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