Top 10 Bordeaux export markets in 2016

10. Switzerland

Position by volume: 10th
Position by value: 8th
Exports by volume: 46,000hl (-6%)
Exports by value: €77m (-19%)

‘The Swiss market is particularly marked by vintage notoriety and by an export market structure favourable to high-end products,” the CIVB remarks.

Indeed, Switzerland is second only to Hong Kong in the proportion of wine costing over €9 per litre shipped there.

Around 42% of all Bordeaux wine exported to Switzerland falls in this top-most bracket and a further 37% costs €4.5-€9/l ex-cellar. Just 6% costs less than €3/l.

Bordeaux only accounts for 29% of all French AOC wines exported to Switzerland by volume but represents 45% of the value.

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