Diam launches agglomerated cork with plant-based binder

17th March, 2017 by Patrick Schmitt

Diam has launched a new agglomerated cork that uses a plant-based binder and beeswax filler in place of polyurethane glue and plastic microparticles.

Origine by Diam was officially launched yesterday to meet a demand from wine producers for a more natural agglomerated cork

Called Origine by Diam, the new closure incorporates a beeswax emulsion and a binder composed of 100% vegetable polyols, and was officially launched in France yesterday.

Speaking to the drinks business on Monday this week, ahead of the big unveiling at Diam’s factory in the southern French town of Céret yesterday, sales director Bruno de Saizieu said that the closure innovation was driven by a demand from winemakers for a more “natural” agglomerated closure.

Although he said that the traditional Diam….

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One Response to “Diam launches agglomerated cork with plant-based binder”

  1. courtney hardcastle says:


    I have been collecting corks for years to use in an enormous reuse/recycle project. I am hoping someone can tell me how synthetic corks decompose/age.

    This project is going to be used in a forest/lake environment. I want to make sure that as it ages no harmful chemicals will leech out of the corks. I also want to make sure the synthetic corks will decompose as nature takes its course and grows.

    So far I’ve discovered two types of synthetic corks. Do you have any additional information to help me figure this out? Or have any suggestions as to where to look/who to talk to for more information?

    Thank you for your time,

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