Six of the best terroir-focused Villány wineries

6. Malatinszky Winery

Former sommelier Csaba Malatinszky is another winemaker based in Villány-Siklós. He was one of the most enthused-about winemakers at the Franc and Franc conference. Where so many Villány winemakers seemed so focused on oak and oomph in their Cabernet Francs, here were wines with depth, poise and good varietal expression.

One of the first winemakers in the Villány region to build a state-of-the-art winery. Malatinszky works organically from 30ha of vineyards and is focused principally on Cabernet Franc.

His flagship Kúria range, which includes his varietal Cabernet Franc as well as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon in various iterations, particularly impressed attendees of the conference, standing out for its elegance, definition and judicious use of oak. Malatinszky only uses (high-quality Hungarian oak) barrels which have been naturally seasoned for three or four years before use.

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