Top 10 London wine lists by originality

wlc-logo-squareWhat makes a wine list ‘original’? Generally, it’s one which provokes a ‘What’s going on here, then?’ sort of response.

Lesser seen varieties, smaller producers, lists assembled in an innovative, brave or creative way — elements like this will score highly for originality.

Uncompromising lists focusing on natural and biodynamic wines also get high marks, representing the antithesis of commercial styles and mass-produced labels.

Hard to find wines, a proliferation of smaller importers, unfashionable wine styles, lists formatted in an unconventional way, anything which is moving away from our accepted ‘conservatism’ of what a wine list should look and behave like.

The word ‘bravery’ often seems appropriate here, and the high scorers, more often than not, will be those driven by a particular vision of the owners or the sommelier.

In the pages that follow, Wine List Confidential presents London’s top 10 wine list by originality…

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