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Picture credit: Rafe Abrook

David Sheppy talks guests through the latest additions to the Sheppy cider range. [Picture credit: Rafe Abrook]

Thursday night saw apples galore, as premium Somerset cider company Sheppy’s Cider celebrated its 200th anniversary at the Merchant Tavern in Hoxton.

Db joined guests who tucked into a three course meal paired with a selection of ciders, including its new bicentennial medium sweet cider, Old Conky (named after The Duke of Wellington’s family proboscis), and an as-yet-unnamed light cloudy cider, fresh out of development. Mussels cooked in Sheppy’s medium sparkling cider with fresh lovage were eaten alongside its refreshing 5.5% ABV Somerset Draught, with the more robust aged Vintage Reserve cut through the richness of Saddleback Pork Belly with apple and date puree. It was topped off with a cider-infused apple crumble, and cheese, paired with the single-variety dessert apple, Sheppy’s Falstaff Cider.

Owners David and Louisa Sheppy talked guests through the ciders, the history of the company, and their plans for its future – which includes a major development of the visitor centre, farm shop and corporate facilities at its Bradford-on-Tone farm – as well as the challenges of communicating what makes a hand-crafted premium cider different to the mass-produced versions made from imported concentrate also on the market.

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