Top 10 London wine lists by size

wlc-logo-squareWhen it comes to assessing a restaurant wine list – as with many things in life – size matters. Of course, there’s no special points for flaunting one’s endowments, and one should never forget that excessive girth is more likely to intimidate than excite, nevertheless a large one will always be something of a talking point.

Wine List Confidential‘s methodology attempts to judge a wine list’s size in relation to the size and style of the restaurant in which it features. Thus big lists won’t always make good lists – although the larger lists will start off on the front foot in this category.

Small lists also can have their own charm, so a less voluminous list will still have a chance to score well if its size makes sense within the context of the restaurant.

Is the list a succinct one without unnecessary flab? Is it a colossal tome covering every conceivable wine base know to humanity?

There is scope for both of these types of lists to gain marks in this category.

So, brace yourself, for in the pages that follow, db presents London’s top 10 expert-rated wine lists by list size.

Please note that where restaurants have the same score in the size category, overall Wine List Confidential scores have been used to determine final positioning.

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