Ten of the world’s best sparkling rosés

7. Lanson Extra Age Rosé

lanson-extra-age-rosePrice: £65
From: Champagne, France
Lees-ageing time: 5 years +
Medal: Gold (Rosé Masters, 2016)

Few rosés are less frivolous than Lanson’s Extra Age. With a name chosen to signify an extended period spent ageing in Lanson’s cellars – five years minimum – this fizzy pink has a copper appearance and toasted nutty flavours from its lengthy maturation. It also has a hint of red berry fruit and a mouth-cleansing apple flavour from the producer’s decision to block the malo-lactic fermentation (which sees the conversion of sharp tasting malic acid to softer lactic acid). It is a delicious rosé with fine bubbles and layers of flavour, and while it seems expensive relative to most non-vintage pink sparklings, compared to prestige cuvée Champagnes – which share similar aged characters – it is actually good value.

2 Responses to “Ten of the world’s best sparkling rosés”

  1. karen says:

    not one rose from Spain. What a shame. You guys really don’t know what your doing.

  2. Duncan says:

    I am with Karen’s comment above… Not one Sparkling Rose from California, either???
    Come on!
    (The missing representations from Spain/Cava, California and Australia make this a highly subjective assessment.)

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