Carrot Liqueur scoops innovation award at Sial

Booze may have got just a bit healthier after a carrot liqueur scooped the top alcoholic drink award in an international innovation awards.

Orange-Splash-CocktailMama Carrot, from Italy’s Aureli Mario SS Agricola, won the alcoholic category at the high profile Sial Innovation Award, for its veg-inspired liqueur, ahead of the biennial food and drink trade show in Paris next month.

The carrot liqueur, which is set to launch in November this year, has an alcohol content of 20% ABV, and is described by the producer as rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

It is the first alcoholic product from the Abruzzo-based producer, which has been producing carrots for more than fifty years and has a line of vegetable juices at retail.

The judges said the product won for the originality of its recipe.

The move comes on the back of a growing trend for vegetable juices as health concerns rise up the agenda, and has seen the introduction of more innovative and less common flavors.

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