London’s top 10 expert-rated wine lists

Clos-Maggiore-ConservatoryThis week sees the launch of an exciting – and hopefully very useful – new product from the team at the drinks business: Wine List Confidential.

Wine List Confidential is a wine list ratings website and mobile app designed to be a transparent, straightforward way to connect wine lovers with the best wine-focused restaurants.

Using a numeric rating system, Wine List Confidential allows wine lovers to quickly compare the wine offer in restaurants, whatever the food or format.

Using a simple 100-point scale, Wine List Confidential scores restaurants on the most important aspects of their wine offering – from pricing and service, to the range, size and originality of the selection. These individual ratings are then used to create an overall Wine List Confidential Score for every restaurant reviewed.

Having launched this week, the free-to-use resource will initially focus on London’s top restaurant and wine venues, but is set to expand to cover other major cities around the world. The site will also be available as an app in the coming weeks.

By way of introduction to this innovative product, in the pages that follow we present London’s top 10 wine lists – as judged by Wine Lists Confidential’s team of experts…

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