Top Chardonnays over £20

Following The Drinks Business Global Chardonnay Masters 2015, we round-up the competition’s best premium wines that were awarded a Gold medal or the highest accolade of a Master.

Chards-of-class 2

The Drinks Business Global Masters series sees wines judged purely by grape variety rather than by region. Divided only by price bracket and, for ease of judging, whether the style was oaked or unoaked, the blind tasting format allows wines to be assessed without prejudice about their country of origin.

Wines were scored out of 100, with those gaining over 95 points being awarded the top title of Master. Those earning over 90 points were given a Gold, those over 85 points a Silver and those over 80 points a Bronze.

The wines were judged by a cherry-picked group of Masters of Wine on 2 December 2015 at Aveqia on 2 St Bride Street, London.

The following list include wines priced over £20 that earned either a Gold medal or Master in the competition.

For a full round-up of results from the 2015 Chardonnay Masters click here. For our round-up of the best-performing Chardonnays priced under £20 click here.

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