Soda Stream launches instant beer machine

1st June, 2016 by Lauren Eads

Soda Stream has edged further into the alcoholic drinks category with the launch of a beer concentrate that can be transformed into beer simply by adding carbonated water.

Known for selling machines that carbonate water, Soda Stream has this week launched a “home beer system” called Beer Bar that its CEO says “enables consumers to concoct crafted beer” in seconds.

The Beer Bar comes with a beer concentrate, named Blondie, that when mixed with carbonated water produces a 4.5% beer. One litre of Blondie will yield approximately three litres of beer.

“We are excited to launch a brand dedicated to serving the global growing trend of home crafted beer,” said CEO Daniel Birnbaum in a statement. “Our core carbonation technology and distribution infrastructure provide a great platform….

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One Response to “Soda Stream launches instant beer machine”

  1. Kathy Smith says:

    Thanks for sharing. Can I get how to use beer machine content?

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