Nine ‘hipster’ Napa wineries hot in NYC

Dirty & Rowdy


“Hardy Wallace started out as a blogger, and got interested in making wine. He makes a skin fermented Semillon from Napa as well as a wine from Mourvedre in his garage, and is the darling of top wine bars in many urban settings.”

3 Responses to “Nine ‘hipster’ Napa wineries hot in NYC”

  1. John Skupny says:

    A really great list of producers, however, though is does not really matter – the majority on the list are not
    located in Napa.

  2. DAVID SHAW says:

    Dont forget The Fog Monster!!

  3. Jonathan Rodwell says:

    Great to see wine styles expanding – augurs well for new cold climate producers such as Nova Scotia – who are all about lower alcohol , higher acid , more nuanced wines where techniques such as fermenting whites on skins and drying grapes ( red and white ) prior to fermentation are becoming common techniques.

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