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1404: Death of Philip the Bold – Stag Inn, Halle

philip the boldThe first great duke of Burgundy, Philip the Bold, the man who banned Gamay from the Côte d’Or, expired in The Stag Inn aged 62.

The duke left his court in Brussels in April 1404 with the intention of heading to Paris but he made it no further than Halle a few miles south of the city.

His death on 27 April would ultimately send France spiraling into a protracted civil war as his son, John the Fearless, battled for power and political influence with his cousin (and Philip’s nephew) Louis of Orléans and which would see the pair dead before it was resolved.

Philip had been one of the great European statesmen and political maneuverers of his age. At the age of 12 he had stood by his father, King John II’s, side at the Battle of Poitiers where he earned his epithet and also the dukedom of Burgundy.

His life was spent accruing land and titles for his house and family in the two Burgundies, the duchy and the Franche-Comté or ‘Free County’ (now united in a recent departmental re-order) as well as Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

He laid the basis of a dynasty that ruled Burgundy for 100 years, was at the heart of the early northern European renaissance and cemented the reputation of Burgundian wine which Philip and his descendants used to lubricate the wheels of their political machinations, making it a favourite of popes and kings.

Sadly, the humble inn where Philip died no longer exists. It is postulated though that the nearby commune of Lembeek was where production of lambic beer originated or at least takes its name.

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  1. Philip Johnson says:

    Nell Gwynn cumly? How very revealing, Dictionary or decent sub-editor required.

  2. jenna says:

    It was the other way around. Rosalind Franklin first showed the X-ray experiment. Then Watson and Crick get “inspired” to postulate the double helix. #womeninscience…

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