Magners cider reveals completely new look

Magners Irish Cider has redesigned its logo and is pulling its Golden Draught variant from pubs and bars in the UK in a complete revamp of the brand.

Magners_Original Can_Glass_Bottle

Magners revamp comes off the back of its own research which warns that consumers are growing weary of the wide variety of flavours in the cider market (Photo: Magners)

From May 2016, the brand will unveil new packaging backed by a “multi-million pound” media campaign across TV, outdoor, radio, PR and social media campaigns.

The Magners bottle will be relaunched, along with new packaging across all cans and draught formats.

Its new bottle will also feature a rip top closure, removing the need for a bottle opener in the hope of building on impulse purchases across the growing convenience channel.

The Irish brand will also focus its efforts primarily on its Original apple variant, meaning it will be replacing its Magners Golden Draught across the on-trade with Magners Original draught.

Magners is also introducing the the tagline ‘Hold True’ in its summer TV campaign launching in June, which it says will reach 97% of UK adults.

The revamp is part of the brand’s efforts to gain the attention of younger consumers who according to Magners’ own market research find the cider category “boring”.

Andy Cross, Brand Director at Magners, said: “Research is showing consumers are suffering from flavour fatigue in the cider market. With so much choice, but little resemblance to cider, consumers appear to be tiring of flavoured ciders in the same way they did with alcopops.

“Apple still accounts for 76 per cent of the cider category – but research has shown young adults find the category boring. We want to make apple cider exciting again by bringing a new attitude and tone of voice that will invigorate the category once more.

“We know that Magners is still loved by consumers but we also know they have been enticed into new brands and flavours in recent years. This campaign is about reminding them Magners is still the original through our new campaign, ‘Hold True’. We’re investing heavily in the Magners brand with our new creative and innovative packaging and we can’t wait to see what consumers think.”

21 Responses to “Magners cider reveals completely new look”

  1. Shane atkins says:

    New pull bottle tops are a health and safety hazard
    As personally have cut the same finger on many occasions opening these bottles

  2. Simon Clark says:

    I also sliced my finger open, the first time I opened the new-style bottle!!! Go back to the old style cap please Magners.

  3. stephen says:

    I’ve also had the same problem and have had several colleagues cut themselves on the new ‘rip top’……

  4. E smit says:

    Yup, ditto, I can’t believe it’s still on the market, I have sliced my finger on 4 occasions! I will not be purchasing it again.

  5. Alex says:

    The new rip top closure is an excellent idea, I have not had the problem of cutting myself neither have any of my colleagues. It’s new design is slick and looks premium. This is definitely a ‘grab on the go’ beverage. Opening the rip top carefully and properly (as you should) avoids having to use your teeth or other appliances on the go. I will be purchasing again.

  6. jay says:

    I work in a bar and my hands are cut to shreds with these new pull off lids. They are dangerous! And it’s not very attractive or appealing serving someone a drink with blood pouring down your finger and over the bottle or glass!

  7. Neil says:

    I too have sliced my finger on these new ring pulls. MagnersUK on Twitter are pretty useless in letting you know what’s going on..

  8. Doug says:

    Same here,

    Staff are now serving them unopened because of injury risk. Don’t even work in old bottle top openers.

    Personally cut myself twice on the bloody things now. Abysmal and also lead to spills when you “pop” the lid.

  9. Rolf says:

    I cut myself several times on this dangerous new Magners lid.
    I support 1000 % the comments of other injured people.
    Is it legal to put such a health risk in the market?
    It my be the only resution to drink another cider.
    Advance is not always good.

  10. Jon Morgan says:

    I personally prefer cans but I have to say I’m totally put off by the awful colour of burnt orange who the hell thought this would be a brilliant idea I don’t know. Your right you think of cider as apples and summer time you think yellow and green bright colours I detest these new cans

  11. Andrew Milne says:

    Several cut fingers…..

  12. paul dodsley says:

    I sliced my thumb open – I have the new Magners bottle top and photo to prove it I open the bottle with a bit of difficulty poured out the pear cider – I sat supping my pear cider and I thought what that sharp pain coming from thumb I looked down to see blood.

  13. Aussie Rob says:

    I like the new label. It sets it aside from the other ‘knock off’ ciders on the shelves here in Australia. As for the ring pull, no problems, lots of beverages here use them. It might just be a matter of practice makes perfect….drink more cider, you’ll have those ring pulls worked out it no time…..CHEERS!

  14. P.body says:

    Sounds like these new caps have the same problem as the Budweiser twist-off caps.

  15. Patsy says:

    I think the new opening us great. Looks very good. Not had a problem with it.

  16. Truthspoon says:

    The new cider recipe tastes really bad. Too much aspartame. Goodbye Magners….

  17. Psul andrews says:

    The new magners does not resemble the taste of the old one.which we loved.i personaly have stopped drinking it

  18. Paul andrews says:

    The new magners is nothing like the old magnrs wich we loved

  19. James Levio says:

    Changed the packaging which is bloody awful and changed the taste which is equally awful.
    You’ve lost my custom.

  20. Neasa says:

    Taste is terrible. Can we set up a petition? I don’t drink anything else so not looking forward to nights out on 7 up

  21. Sue says:

    Terrible taste in the magners original, now appears very watered down, it’s awful.

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