Jose Cuervo changes French distributor

Bardinet, the drinks importer owned by La Martiniquaise group, has taken over the distribution of Tequila Jose Cuervo in France.

jose_cuervo_especialJosé Cuervo is the oldest Tequila brand in the world, dating back to 1758 when Don José Antonio de Cuervo received Mexican land from the king of Spain, on which the Cuervos planted agave.

In 1795, José Maria Guadalupe Cuervo got the first license to commercialise Tequila and created the José Cuervo brand.

José Cuervo’s distillery, the Rojena, was founded in 1812, and is said to be the oldest in Latin America.

The distribution of Tequila José Cuervo in the off-trade has been managed by Bardinet since 1 January 2016.

However, La Martiniquaise has now secured the on-trade market, with José Cuervo Gold (Reposado) being looked after by BLM HD (Bardinet La Martiniquaise Out of Home) and José Cuervo Traditional, Platino and Réserva de la Familia, by the independent company CBH.

5 Responses to “Jose Cuervo changes French distributor”

  1. cherie says:

    I have been drinking Jose Cuervo gold for years. I love it. There is a new style bottle that recently came out. The product has a different taste to go along with the new bottle style. Have they changed the recipe also?

  2. Heidi says:

    I have been searching for information on the new bottle of Jose Cuervo. My first impression was that I was sad to see the handle removed. But the real problem was the taste of the tequila, the distinct flavor of Jose Cuervo Gold was no longer distinct. I have been drinking this, my favorite tequila for my entire adult life, about 40 years. What happened? i am so disappointed. At first, I thought it was my imagination, but after comparing it with the bottle I had stored, still the old formula, we determined that it definitely changed. We did a tasting and everyone there unanimously said the distinct taste was gone. Please tell me this was just a bad batch.

  3. Marcia l Buroker says:

    I agree with the above posters…I have been a Jose Cuervo Gold drinker for years. I noticed the label had changed, no big deal, but when I brought the bottle home and made my margarita,boy was I disappointed! No more Cuervo for me, it left a sour after taste in my mouth and completely ruined the taste of my margarita. I will have to do some taste testing and find another tequila or switch to another drink completely but i’m not going to drink something I no longer enjoy. Please Jose, CHANGE BACK!!!

  4. Djenaba says:

    When did this latest label on the bottle change on jose cuervo

  5. Larry Scroggins says:

    I agree about the taste change. It’s no longer “peppery” like before. Tasted the new label and immediately thought it was different. Compared it to an “original” bottle and was very disappointed. I do like other tequilas for sipping, but nothing compares to the original Jose Cuervo for marqaritas. It stands up much better to the triple sec and lime and lends a nice note of pepper. We’ve tried many, many margarita recipes with complete disregard to price and have repeatedly returned to the “pedestrian” formula. We’re not sure what to do now. Begin experimenting again?

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