Boston Brewing adds ‘nitro-beer’ range

The Boston Brewing Company has added three new beers to its range made using nitrogen rather than traditional carbonisation.

SAM_nitro_cans_011216The maker of the famous ‘Samuel Adams’ brand has released three beers using the method, ‘Nitro White Ale’, ‘Nitro Ale’ and ‘Nitro Coffee Stout’ – all part of the company’s new ‘Nitro Project’.

Nitrogen gives beer a smoother, creamier texture as the process creates smaller bubbles. Guinness, as a stout maker which the method suits so well, was a major pioneer in the use of nitrogen and introduced the technique to the US some 15 years ago but its use is only just being picked up by craft breweries, although Boston Brewing has been experimenting with the technique since the 1990s.

All of the beers are available in 16-ounce cans and the White Ale will also be available on draft.

The brewery described the new range as “a science experiment in a glass”. Further beers for the range are in the pipeline.

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