Raising a glass: 10 women in beer

Emma Reynolds

im2age006Role: Director of Corporate Affairs at AB InBev UK and Ireland

With so many female brewers stepping into the fray it’s easy to forget the women working within the corporate world of beer, who are responsible for some of the world’s biggest brands. Already the largest brewer in the world, AB InBev just completed a £71 billion buyout of SAB Miller, making it even bigger. The new company will be named Newco. 

Emma Reynolds is responsible for all communications within AB InBev’s UK and Ireland arm, including media relations and corporate reputation, corporate responsibility, with a particular focus on promoting responsible drinking, protecting the environment and investing in communities and government and industry affairs.

Emma joined AB InBev in 2012 from the Tesco, where she spent seven years working in the areas of government affairs and policy, licensing and regulatory affairs, and most recently held the position of Government Affairs and Policy Director. Prior to joining Tesco, Emma worked in a public affairs consultancy, and before that was a policy adviser in the Conservative Research Department. Emma has a degree in modern history from Magdalen College, Oxford University.

2 Responses to “Raising a glass: 10 women in beer”

  1. Jaco Hamilton-Attwell says:

    I think you missed an important one: Frieda Dehrmann from SAB/Inbev. She was SAB’s Consumer Science and Sensory Manager, but has since moved up the ladder to a position in SABMiller UK, but I am not sure what her new title is.

  2. “it was a German nun in the early 17th century that was the first to discover that adding hops to beer radically increased its shelf life” Even ignoring “early in the 17th century” when you mean “some time in the 12th century” this is total nonsense: there is no evidence whatsoever that Hildegarde was the first person to discover this. She was the first person known to have written about it: but that’s a very different matter. And in any case, you don’t increase the shelf life of beer merely by adding hops to it: you have to boil the hops in the wort for it to work.

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