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The Ritz creates 30 new perfume-inspired cocktails

Fragrances bar at The Ritz in Berlin, pioneer of perfume-inspired cocktails, has launched 30 new drinks based on famous scents.

Among the new scents to be turned into cocktails are Vendemmia by Salvatore Ferragamo, Nuit D’Issey by Issey Miyake and Voyou by Guerlain.

Last June Fragrances pioneered the concept of perfume cocktails via a radical list that encouraged guests to match their drink to their favourite scent.

The original list, created by head bartender Arnd Heissen, featured 15 cocktails inspired by fragrances from the likes of Jo Malone and Giorgio Armani.

The move captured the imagination of bartenders around the world and inspired similar offerings at the Artesian in Hong Kong and Café Royal in London among others.

“Our guests can experience the world of cocktails and fragrances with all their senses, and take new experiences and memories home with them,” Heissen said of the revised list.

The base spirits for the 30 new cocktails are inspired by his travels around the world and include Leblon Cachaҫa from Brazil and Amabuki sake from Japan.

Click through for a gallery of some of Heissen’s weird and wonderful creations and their recipes, in case you’re keen to recreate them at home.

Bahia by Frau Tonnis

Recipe: 40ml Jinzu gin, 5ml Disaronno, 5ml Ceylon cinnamon brandy, 5ml nutmeg brandy, 20ml lime, 20ml magnolia-sakura syrup, egg white, rose lemonade, garnish with lime crisps.

L’Eau d’issey by Issey Miyake 

Recipe: 10ml Ketel One Citrus, 5ml lemon verbena, 5ml coriander brandy, 5ml cinnamon brandy, 5ml Rio Tinto brandy, 5ml Safran Gin, 20ml Dassai 50 sake, 20ml Lime, 20ml cypress sandalwood vetiver syrup, garnish with a twist of yuzu.

Pomegranate by Jo Malone 

Recipe: 10ml Leblon Cachaca, 10ml plum nectar, 20ml Mancino Rosso, 10ml pomegranate liqueur, 10ml Swan Lake gin, 20ml incense patchouli Tequila, 10ml lime juice, 10BL cedar wood syrup.

Oud Royal by Giorgio Armani 

Recipe: 40ml Zacapa 23 rum, 10ml Swan Lake gin, 10ml Persian orange and saffron brandy, 1Bl Persian lime, 2Bl incense-cedar wood syrup.

My name by Trussardi 

Recipe: 30ml Ketel One Citrus, 10ml vanilla brandy, 10ml Disaronno, 10ml Bigallet violet liqueur, 2BL lilac syrup, 40ml vanilla yoghurt.

Want by Dsquared

Want by Dsquared_(c) The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin_Natalia Kepesz

Recipe: 10ml Grand Marnier, 10ml Sicilian orange syrup, 10ml Disaronno, 10ml Ketel One Citrus, 10ml Catron liqueur, 2BL vanilla syrup, 40ml vanilla yoghurt, garnish with orange, lime, mandarin, ginger and vanilla.

Royal Pavilion by Etro 

Recipe: 20ml Don Julio Blanco, 10ml Bigallet violet, 10ml Swan Lake gin, 20ml lime, 20ml Ylang Ylang syrup, egg white, rose lemonade.

Vendemmia by Salvatore Ferragamo

Vendemmia by Salvatore Ferragamo_(c) The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin_Natalia Kepesz

Recipe: 2cl Himmelswind Sake, 1cl Vineyard peach liqueur, 1cl Tonka bean brandy, 2cl Ketel One Citrus, 1cl lime, 1cl fig, jasmine, sandalwood.

030 by Frau Tonnis

Recipe: 30ml Earl Grey Gin, 10ml Rio Tinto brandy, 10ml lime, 10ml cedar wood, tonic, bergamot, cedar and orange.


Aziyade by Parfum d'Empire_(c) The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin_Natalia Kepesz

40ml Turtle Sake, 10ml pomegranate liqueur, 10ml Pomeranze Rio Tino, 5ml Helbig caraway, 5ml Catron ginger liqueur, 40ml plum nectar, 5ml Disaronno, 5ml Ceylon cinnamon, 5 dashes of cardamom bitters, 2bl incense vanilla Patchouli syrup, strawberry and cotton candy.

Amethyst by Lalique 


Recipe: 5ml Mortlach, 12 Jahre, 15ml Turtle Saké, 10ml Chambord, 5ml Swan Lake gin, 2BL Ylang-Ylang vanilla syrup, garnish with a twist of lemon.

Voyou by Guerlain 

Recipe: 10ml coriander brandy, 30ml Ketel One Citrus, 20ml Mancino Secco, 10ml Vanille de Madagascar liqueur, 10ml lime, 20ml patchouli-sandalwood syrup, garnish with a lemon twist.

Corsica Furiosa by Parfum d’Empire 

Corsica Furiosa by Parfum d'Empire_(c) The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin_Natalia Kepesz

Recipe: 10ml Mastixharz Likör, 10ml peppermint brandy, 10ml Marie grass brandy, 10ml Ketel One Citrus, 30ml Don Julio Reposado, honey syrup, garnish with a lemon twist.

Vetiver Extraordinarie 

Vetiver Extraordinaire by Frederic Malle_(c) The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin_Natalia Kepesz

Recipe: 30ml Mezcal Tlacuache, 10ml Java orage brandy, 10ml Don Julio Anejo, 20ml lime, 20ml vetiver sandalwood cedar syrup, egg white.

Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens_(c) The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin_Natalia Kepesz

Recipe: 50ml incense infused Don Julio Reposado, 5ml lime, 5ml Sicilian orange, 2BL pine needle vetiver syrup, 2ml Strawberry rum, 1ml Chambord.

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