Argentina: women in wine

Valeria Antolín

3Hailing from a winemaking family, it wasn’t a surprise to Antolín’s father, himself a renowned sparkling wine producer, that she wanted to study agronomy and winemaking. What might have been somewhat surprising is that her female cousin and younger sister
soon followed suit.

After working in working at Viña Cobos, Antolín settled into a full time role in 2003 with her current employer, Piatelli, where she climbed her way to become head winemaker for both their Mendoza and Cafayate wineries. Antolín has been significant in the development of the brand and in particular surprised many with her take on Torrontés. “I always saw that Torrontés was very nice in the nose but in the mouth it was a little light for me, so in 2005 I decided to do some barrels with Torrentés and we continue doing it every year,” she says about her partially oaked expression which bucks the trend for this usually lightly styled variety.

Stepping into winemaking as a woman was no challenge for Antolín, who made her first wine with her father at 15 years old; the greater challenge has been managing motherhood and a full time job, which she does with aplomb.

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