Top tips for in flight drinking

 Know your airlines

Two business colleagues drinking champagne on a flight

A lot of effort has gone into capitalising on demand for booze mid-flight in recent years with several airlines upping their wine and spirits offerings, particularly for its first class passengers.

While most of us are beholden to the cheapest ticket, without having the luxury of being able to pick a preferred airline, it can be worth scoping out the inflight food and drink offerings of different airlines, particularly if flying long haul. The standards, both in economy and business class, can vary considerably from one airline to the next.

American Airlines announced earlier this year that it was spending heavily on upping the quality of the wines they offer to their first class passengers, while United Airlines announced it would be offering free food and drink to its passenger on select international flights.

However Emirates and Singapore Airlines still lead the pack in terms of luxury, with Dom Pérignon on pour in first class. Late last year Emirates announced that it had spent US$500 million in “long-term investment” in its fine wine programme over the last decade. The carrier has said it been buying  wines en primeur and keeping them up to a decade before they are ready to be consumed in a cellar it owns in Burgundy – which apparently holds 1.2m bottles already.

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