Top seven Champagne fails

Gordon Ramsay gets caught with Champagne at Qatar customs

Last year celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was caught with a bottle of Dom Pérignon stashed in his luggage as he tried to enter the Muslim state of Qatar. Security staff confiscated the Champagne, which Ramsay was carrying in his luggage. Ramsay was visiting Qatar, where the 2022 World Cup is due to be held, on business – the chef runs two restaurants at the St. Regis hotel in Doha.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever been stopped by customs. The alarm went off and I got called into a little room,” the 47-year-old said at the time. “It’s first time I’ve ever lost a bottle of Dom Pérignon”, the chef said ruefully.

The sale of alcohol is closely monitored in Gulf states. Last November, officials in Qatar banned the sale of alcohol in swimming pool areas and on the beach.

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