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Cigar City Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout, Tampa, Florida, US

beer_97078Following three days of tasting, Jim Vorel revealed his top 37 non barrel aged imperial stouts writing for Paste Magazine this week. This example from Hunahpu’s, made with cacao nibs, vanilla bean, ancho chile, pasilla chile and cinnamon, came in at second place.

He said: “Yeah, there’s a reason this beer is such a big deal, and a reason that people travel from all over the country to buy it in person during its one-day release at the brewery in Tampa. There’s a lot of imperial stouts rocking this flavor profile of chiles and spices these days, but few of them are doing it with the sophistication and complexity of Cigar City, and that’s what has made Hunahpu one of the craft beer world’s more sought-after whales. In terms of specific flavors: Lots of cinnamon and dark fruit complexity, followed up by chicory coffee, and “chocolate and vanilla make the pepper go easy,” to quote one score sheet. Believe the hype.”

Imperial stout, 11%


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